The Design Museum

Recently visited the Design Museum and the Unexpected pleasures: The art and design of contemporary jewellery exhibition, as well as the Extraordinary stories about ordinary things exhibition.

The Unexpected pleasures exhibition featured a large space which hosted a plethora of objects from around the world which celebrate convention challenging designs of contemporary jewellers. The jewellery designs were really unusual and quite exquisite. All the designs were nicely laid out, with the exhibition having a comfortable space which visitors were able to walk around at their own pace, ensuring each beautiful design wasn’t overlooked. The pieces which were particularly admirable were encased in glass cylinders, including a laminated design by Gijs Bakker, Dew Drop, which adorns the wearer with a giant red rose.



After taking all of that in, then came the Extraordinary stories about ordinary things exhibition which was great! It felt like a quirky, very modern yet authentic house. There was a warm homely feel to it, with it somehow also feeling spacious and well laid out. Similar to the previous exhibition, objects were grouped into sections with each section showcasing iconic designs that have shaped the modern world.