Hong Kong 2016

What a whirlwind ride of emotions, adventure and weather for that matter. Hong Kong is such an exciting, vibrant and lively city and its streets are made for walking that's for sure. We had the luxury of exploring Hong Kong for just under two weeks, well with a special wedding to attend we simply couldn’t do it justice in any less.

We arrived in Hong Kong at 7am on Tuesday 29th March, hardly a match against the grueling jet-lag which we were about to endure. Walking around like glorified zombies we explored the local area of Kowloon island, which consisted of not one but two Mcdonald trips, working out the octopus system (transport, not food!), posing next to Bruce Lee and tucking into our first chinese buffet of the holiday.

Visiting in March/April, the weather was changeable. Some days were hot with the sun shining whereas most of the time it was humid and cloudy. You get used to it though and soon learn to appreciate the blasting air con in every shop and every restaurant. During our stay we had numerous visits up to Victoria peak to try and tackle the clouds. We were unsuccessful unfortunately but it was still very atmospheric to be up in the clouds and surrounded by a great selection of shops and restaurants. The tram ride up the peak is unique in its own right anyway.

Now, onto the food! Believe it or not we didn’t get chance to have dim sum until near the end of our stay, where I was all about the sweet selection and those custard buns. We went to plenty of dessert cafes where lava cake was a thing, bakeries to try out the green tea, mocha and chocolate offerings for breakfast, oh and not forgetting the thirteen-course wedding meal but I’ll get onto that later.

The holiday generally flew by (as always) but we certainly crammed a lot of site seeing, shopping, eating and dog watching in (apparently pushing around dogs in a pram is a thing). Some particular favourite outings of mine were Stanley market town and Ngong Ping village to see the Buddha statue.

Now, I do love a bustling city having lived in London for a few years but it is nice to get away from all the hubbub every once in a while, which is why Stanley market town was particularly enjoyable. Whilst still being busy we got to enjoy a walk along the beach promenade, browse the markets (where me and Tom bought our first piece of artwork together) and enjoyed a pina colada whilst watching the world go by against a picturesque backdrop of the sea. Definitely worth a visit or two!

The other must-see outing was Ngong Ping village to see the Buddha. This was spectacular from the word go, as to get up to the Buddha statue there is a cable ride which pretty much crossed over three mountains... not for anyone afraid of heights! When you reach the top there’s a quaint village called Ngong Ping which has a nice variety of tourist shops, traditional shops and cafes... perfect for a pit stop on the way and on the way back from the Buddha. Then it comes to the Buddha, and you won’t be disappointed! Sure, the steps to the top were a bit of a struggle in the heat but definitely worth it as you can enjoy breathtaking views from the top and breathe in some fresh mountain air.

The wedding of my brother and his now-wife Miki was held on Friday 1st April, no jokes on that day as the day was full of great company, a beautiful bride, my besotted brother and an incredible location... right along Kowloon harbour. The ceremony was held in an abstract-looking wedding reception, followed by a plethora of photographs along the harbour and an impressive thirteen-course meal back at the hotel in the evening. I was quite impressed with how daring I was with my taste buds but there was no chance that I was going to attempt the goose webbed feet! It was such a special day and I was grateful that I got the chance to celebrate their marriage in Hong Kong with them.

30 before 30

Following on from the previous post where I posted about my bucket list, most of the things on the list aren't possible for the time being, therefore I decided to make a 30 things to achieve before I turn 30 list. The ones in the bold font are things I've already managed to achieve so far. (I am only 27 baring in mind, so I've got a little while yet)


  • Get a job which I love
  • Get own flat, create a home that I adore. (We don't own the flat but I still really love it)
  • Get a pet. (He's called Chester and he's a Shih Tzu. We got him in March 2017)
  • Try a food that I've never tried before. (It was Venison, which I probably won't be having again)
  • Become better at cooking
  • Make a whole roast dinner myself
  • Join a gym
  • Go to a "London late." (Natural History Museum with drink and crisps in hand)
  • Get a zoo membership
  • Watch all Pixar films in order of the "Pixar theory" 
  • Spend a few weeks without Facebook
  • Say yes to everything for two days (a week seems a bit scary)
  • Learn to play chess
  • See "Wicked" at the theatre
  • See another Cirque du Soleil show. (Amaluna at Trafford Centre September 2016)
  • Learn to surf
  • Take up a new hobby. (Started yoga)
  • Finally complete my 21st photo album
  • Make a tent like the one from the film "The Holiday." (It was an attempt anyway)
  • Do something great for charity. (Organised the Christmas shoebox appeal at work, as well as coats for the homeless)
  • Ride a jet ski by myself
  • Get engaged
  • Go to another music festival abroad
  • Go to Disney World
  • Have sardines in Portugal
  • Visit somewhere new in the world. (Went to Rio de Janeiro, March 2015)
  • Fly in a hot air balloon
  • Visit 5 places in the UK that I've not been to. (Oswestry in Shropshire, Southend on sea, Leamington Spa, Wimborne in Bournemouth, Falmouth in Cornwall)
  • Celebrate New Year's Eve in London. (December 31st 2014)
  • Watch a sunset and sunrise in a spectacular place. (Pico Mountain in the Azores)