Black Milk Canvas

"Black Milk Canvas is a side project of Black Milk, which highlights the brand's unique cult following. It's a magazine to develop and showcase creative talent within the Black Milk community, a place for creative exploration, collaboration and progression for Sharkies. (Sharkie is a term coined to describe Black Milk fanatics)"

- Natalie Atterbury

The final outcome is a print magazine which has been inspired by the unique nature of the community and achieved through a personal connection. It's the community which gives Black Milk its distinctive identity, Black Milk Canvas is simply and extension of this, where the United Kingdom Sharkies have inspired and created the content.


Shona McLoughlin, Kittie Racchea, Tessa Holly, Karen McShane, Elizabeth Walton, Kim Chrimes, Kaliska Hui, Olivia Harrison, Jade Carr and Edd Firm.