Worked as Senior Content & Off Page SEO Specialist at Add People, a digital marketing agency in Altrincham. Working as a senior point of contact for both written and visual content, the role consisted of strategising content with client goals in mind and helping to ensure that every piece of content had the best chance possible of being successful.

Working within the senior role, I was constantly looking for new digital marketing practices. This included link building and outreach methods, content tools to make processes quicker and easier, as well as trialling new content frameworks such as video infographics and quotes features for the rest of the team to then implement.

Communicating through a variety of mediums and different audiences, some successful content frameworks have included - Guidebooks, Infographics, Expert Roundups and Guest Posts. Always striving to produce content which is both innovative and accurate, my biggest success to date is an infographic created by myself which I got published on (DR 75). This success then helped generate many other website links for the infographic.

Working within this role, I gained an understanding that the impact the work we conducted as a team had on a customer by looking at the results in analytics, and understanding SEO principles more succinctly.